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way to pay.
Our mission is to
how consumers
online through our safe and trusted
checkout.Checkout into your dedicated escrow account. We safeguard your funds in a segregated and insolvency proof account.
verify.We complete robust KYC and AML checks on buyers and sellers so you are safe and protected.
release.Once you are completely happy, you can release funds to the seller. Simple!
what is
Escrow is a method of payment where both parties are checked and verified before money is held by a trusted third party until the job or purchase has been safely completed. Giving complete peace of mind and protection to both parties.
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what is
as a service?
You know your customers better than we do. We provide the building blocks but we believe that you should decide how to combine the best product enhancements for perfect product-market fit for your customers. And you choose how much to charge.Go live with a fully branded escrow solution with just
5 lines of code
. We do all of the regulatory heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Join our slack community for feature requests, news and to speak to our developers.
bring your own
Open a new revenue stream by monetising your biggest asset:
the trust in your brand
Add your logo and colour scheme. We’ll build a beautiful, smooth interface completely in your branding. Own the customer relationship throughout the buying process to make your proposition stickier.Those 5 lines of code built this live checkout modal. You can simply pass the amount, description and to fields. Want to give consumers flexibility to enter what they want? Simply leave the field blank and it’ll be completely editable for maximum flexibility.
real-time user verification.We use the latest technology to automatically verify buyer and seller in each transaction to protect both parties. We complete PEP, Sanction, KYC and KYB checks instantly so that everyone is safe and secure.
financial services infrastructure.We do all of the regulatory heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Escrow is a regulated service, we’ve got you covered and give you the flexibility to either integrate our core stack or build upon our modular services.
multiple milestones.Some projects are more complex. Users have the flexibility to structure their projects into multiple pre-agreed milestones to complete the project one step at a time. All for no additional cost.
opt-out roll out.Don’t tell your customers to fill in a long form to opt-in. Allow your buyers to immediately target and send funds to any email address with our 5 lines of code. This unlocks rapid opt-out adoption across your network for the best project impact and monetisation.
flexible retail pricing.You know your market so you have the flexibility to charge your customers as you wish for the service and build in other added value trust options. You get your fees instantly on your dashboard to withdraw. No complex rebates.
data insights.Finally see your customers’ transaction activity. Use these datasets to make your business more performant and data-driven. Engage your customers further through the deal process and be their trusted partner.
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